Range of services

Music Production

Freshly Squeezed founder Jay Baty, a producer, engineer and first and foremost musician of 18+ years experience in and around the studio. From "ground up" producing solo acts to raw live off the floor recordings, it's all possible with Freshly Squeezed studios.

Stream Sessions

Enter the Live Room for full production Live Streaming Sessions at top quality Visual and Audio production. Full bands, solo artists, Yoga instructors and all kinds can perform Live for their audience online. Bring your online presence to new heights with our Video production partner Ashcroft Media Co. Focus on your performance and leave the technical side to us!

Video Shoot

Mend audio with a crisp visual of your studio experience. Have our video production partner Ashcroft Media Co. set up camera and lighting schemes to capture your performance, edit shots together and walk away with a pro quality video. Bring another dimension to your music with an accompanying video.

Production/Film Music

Every good video needs music! Have creative unlicensed music recorded custom to your film. Give direction to your vision and hear your film come to life with a high quality soundscape. We'll match your project with the perfect musical vibe to improve the viewing experience.

New Media Audio/Visual Production

Need a jingle for you business or marketing plan? Create custom audio and visuals to match your master marketing plan. From jingles to Sound design, its all part of the plan!

Live Sound

Head Engineer Jay Baty is also an experienced Live Sound Technician working with names like: Shawn Mendes, Rik Emmett, Glorious Sons, Treble Charger, Yukon Blonde, Colemen Hell, The Kings, and More. Jay can provide professional Live Sound Production Solutions to help your tour, live concerts, live streams and much more. Ask how you can bring your sound production to the next level!

Studio Packages

Vocal/Mixing Session

$120 + HST

1 Hour of recording Vocals. 1 Hour of Mixing. Walk away with a well Mixed Track to post to your social media.

Live Off the Floor Recording Session

$650 + HST

8 Hour Recording/Mixing/Mastering Session [3-4 songs generally].

Studio Production Demo

$750 + HST

8 Recording Hours. 2 Hours Edits [Tuning, Timing, Ect.]. Mixing & Mastering Session [2 Hours].

Full Production Radio Ready Track

$1750 +  HST

Two 3 hour Pre Production Sessions (writing, arranging). 10 Recording Hours. 2 Hours of Editing [Tuning, Timing, Ect.]. Pro Mixing Session. 1 hour Mastering. Revisions.

Professional Mixing Session

$200 - $800 + HST

2-12 tracks $200
12-20 tracks $500
20+ $800

Live Stream Sessions

$1000 + HST

1 Hour Live Stream Performance [Youtube, Twitch Ect.] Audio Multitrack Recording/Mix for Live Stream. Video Recording/Switcher, 3 cameras (2 still, 1 mobile).

We Also Offer

- General Recording $60/Hour
- Vocal Editing/Tuning $60/Hour
- Writing/Instrumental Performance
- Post Production [Film] Audio [Foley, ADR, Music, SFX ect.]
- Audio Clean Up Service $60/Hour