Freshly Squeezed


Freshly Squeezed Studio by Jay Baty

Graduate from the Metalworks Institute for business & sound production, Multi Niagara Music Awards Engineer of The Year, Member of local acts Theatre Crisp, Jay Baty has 20+ years experience in the Entertainment industry. Jay has built a professional production & recording studio in Niagara Falls.

The Studio

The studio is located on the east end of Niagara Falls, just off major HWY QEW. Its surrounded by all essential studio amenities (ie. grocery, smoke shops, bars etc.) The studio is a multi room facility including a large live floor fit for "live off the floor" tracking, as well as Live Streaming & full production services for radio quality music.

Jay's Experience

Jay Baty has been a Musician/Engineer for 23 years. He produces with a musical friendliness & technical intelligence to meet the needs of those bands just wanting to capture their live performance sound & feel, to artists who create on a flowing, track by track construction. Jay has experience with all types of artists.

Some acts he has worked with in the past:

- "Classified - Handshakes & Middle Fingers" - Assistant Mixing Engineer (Hip Hop)
- "Living With Lions - Holy Shit" - Assistant Mixing Engineer (Punk Rock)
- "The Kac Himself - Realistic" - Producer / Engineer  (Rap/Hip Hop)
- "Mrs. Johnston - The Late Night Sessions With" - Producer /Engineer / Base /Guitar (Alternative Rock)
- "Theatre Crisp - Soul Food" - Producer / Engineer / Lead Guitar (Hip Hop Funk Rock)
- "Louis Vanaria - Jazz Solo Record" Producer / Engineer (Crooner/Jazz)
- "Michael Banks - Solo Album" Producer / Engineer / Bass / Electric Guitar  (Acoustic Singer Songwriter)
- "Rita Carrey - Around Each Christmas Tree" - Producer / Engineer (Solo Artist)

For more info, contact Jay yourself and find out what can be done to get your music archived in the best sonic way possible, for you and who ever else you choose to share your art with!